Service Partners: Supreme Plus


May 24, 2019




Comprised of up to 85 percent recycled paper, Supreme Plus cellulose insulation gives pest management professionals thermal and acoustical insulation performance with an added bonus: The Zone Defense additive, an insecticide registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in cellulose insulation. The Zone Defense additive kills certain pests that may damage or infest insulation, such as cockroaches, carpenter ants, silverfish and darkling beetles. (The addition of the Zone Defense insecticide to help prevent damage to and infestation of the insulation by certain insect species does not confer insecticide protection outside of the Supreme Plus insulation. Use of this chemically treated insulation does not substitute for an approved termiticide product to control subterranean termites, which may be required by some states.) Supreme Plus is available on a nationwide basis from more than 75 Service Partners distribution centers.

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