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June 28, 2019



As we keep an eye on random pest-related stories for our Crawling the Web series on this very blog, three recent articles in particular “jumped” out at us this week:

  1. Rat falls from ceiling onto bar patron’s menu. This took place at the Westchester, Calif., location of Buffalo Wild Wings. NBC affilliate KXAS from Dallas, Texas, where the vacationing patron is originally from, learned that some remodeling work was the culprit.
  2.  Ants fall out from plane passenger’s stowed luggage. As chronicled by Travel + Leisure magazine, another passenger live-tweeted the event as it unfolded. While the ant species remains unidentified, the passenger showed a bite on her arm that she believes occurred as a result. She was less than enthused by the response from United Airlines, and her tweets quickly went viral.
  3. Scarab beetles fall out from plane’s overhead bin. Passengers flying Air Transat Canada on a plane from London to Vancouver were delayed seven hours after dozens of “cockroach-type insects” scattered from the overhead compartment. Airline pest control specialists treated (we’re not clear whether it was sprayed or fumigated, as it was reported as though it were the same treatment, sigh) and cleared the plane for the seven hours as a result. It was not clear whether it was like the ant story above, and confined to one passenger’s luggage, or if the source was someone (or something) else.

So that’s our roundup this week. What have you had get the jump on you recently? Sound off below, or email us at pmpeditor@northcoastmedia.net.


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