PCI: 475-PCO Insulation Blower Package


July 5, 2019


These are just some of the components included in the package. IMAGE: PEST CONTROL INSULATION

Companies generating new revenue with TAP Pest Control Insulation can speed up their installation times and upgrade their current equipment with the 475-PCO Insulation Blower Package. The high-output 475 Blowing Machine is a tough, fast production machine for pest management professionals who expect to schedule four or more TAP Pest Control Insulation jobs per week on average. The 475 Blowing Machine runs on 120V, but has nearly twice the production rate as the 425 insulation blower. This top-quality machine is designed for users who are seeing their TAP Pest Control Insulation business expand and need to get their crews on a job site, finished, and onto the next project ASAP. Pest Control Insulation will meet or beat any competing price, guaranteed. The 475-PCO Insulation Blower package comes with all the hoses, clamps, and supplies needed for operation, as well as the TAP Sales Kit and complimentary access to the online TAP Member Site. The 475 Insulation Blower can also be purchased separately.


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