How to answer green customer FAQs


August 4, 2019

When potential customers ask common questions about your green services, be ready with honest, informative responses that help manage expectations — and keep your sterling reputation intact:

  • What kinds of products are you using?
    Example response: “As with all of our services, we use pesticide judiciously and as part of an integrated pest management program. For our green service offering, we focus on using natural and organic pesticides such as boric acid, diatomaceous earth, botanicals, etc., that can be used depending upon the severity of the pest problem. These might take a little longer and require additional visits, so it’s a trade-off.”
  • What kind of equipment are you going to use?
    Whether it’s hand- or gas-powered sprayers, let the customer know the complete impact on fuel and emissions. For example, gas actually may be the better choice because the service can be accomplished in fewer visits, and therefore requires less driving to the account.
  • Are you doing broadcast or targeted treatments?
    Let customers know the benefit of broadcast (protection against future infestations, for example) vs. targeted (only treating for the pest population at hand, for example).
  • How are you sure green treatment will work?
    Explain your credentials: If you’ve been offering the service for a long time with a high satisfaction rate, say so. If you can get green service testimonials from pleased customers, do so. If you have certification from a third-party program, show it off. Explain that patience and reducing conducive conditions are musts, and require effort on their part for success.


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