Lobster Marketing, PestRoutes launch SEO optimization tool


September 25, 2019

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Lobster Marketing Group, an Ellsworth, Maine-based marketing agency focused exclusively on pest control companies, launched Local SEO with Buy Pest Control Online, integrated with PestRoutes software.

Lobster Marketing developed the tool to keep up with changes in Google’s ranking algorithms and the way elements on first-page search results appear.

Google’s algorithm categorizes many “pest control” related searches as a location-based inquiry, and thus highlights local businesses through the local map pack, the grouping of businesses located on a Google Map that appears at the top of first-page search results. Ranking for local listing results requires a different approach than traditional SEO — to rank first organically in Google means your listing will be shown halfway down on the page.

Part of Lobster Marketing’s solution is optimizing Google My Business for pest control companies for maximum exposure.

“At this time, Google is positioning it’s Google My Business listings to replace the homepage as much as possible,” says Ross Mawhinney, CEO of Lobster Marketing. “Google My Business is designed so that searchers can immediately access as much content as possible without leaving Google, and that’s where we found the loophole — most companies have either completely neglected this reality or have done the bare minimum to get a Google My Business listing up and running.”

The Local SEO service focuses on factors like local signals; name, address and phone (NAP) citations; brand mentions; and reviews that continue to grow in importance when optimizing for online searches, explains Mawhinney.

In addition to an optimized Google My Business listing, the tool offers lead, purchase and review reporting. It is fully integrated with PestRoutes scheduling and payment processing. When Buy Pest Control Online is enabled, it allows the pest control company the ability to schedule and sell services directly from its Google My Business listing through the appointment link. Those service details are then automatically added into the PestRoutes application.

“A year ago, when we announced our partnership with Lobster Marketing Group, we knew we were embarking on an unprecedented level of integration in the pest control industry,” says Patrick McKittrick, CEO of PestRoutes. “Pest control companies are seeing first-hand how expert marketing services integrated into our platform can optimize their business performance beyond managing routes and simplifying office management.”


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