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October 16, 2019

Live from PestWorld 2019, Andrej Branc, the Americas Business Manager for PelGar International, talks about the company’s new and upcoming products. He shares details about Rodent Stop, a completely green exclusion compound. Watch for a sneak peek about a new product launching in 2020.

Transcript below:

Hi guys, my name is Andrej Branc. I’m with PelGar International and the Americas business manager. Welcome to our booth at PestWorld 2019.

One of our newest products, on the market now for two years, is Rodent Stop, a completely green exclusion compound, which can be used at minus 70, plus 140 degrees, instantly waterproof. Keeps rodents out not by killing them, not by repelling them, but by using natural shards of metal so that when they bite into the hole you’ve plugged with it, they don’t enjoy the feeling, the blood that’s in their mouth from the cuts and they stop going to the hole.

We are also coming out early next year with the first ever difenacoum soft bait in America. It will be called Monarch and it will be registered shortly with the EPA. It is a product to watch out for. It will be the safest second-generation anticoagulant on the market. So for your residential jobs, it’ll be an amazing new product. Lard based as our other soft bait is so hugely palatable, and we look forward to presenting these new products to you guys at other shows.

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