Corteva’s AIR1 sensor for ActiveSense


November 1, 2019

Ben Schreiber and Blair Brookes share the newest update to Corteva’s remote monitoring system for pests, ActiveSense. The AIR1 sensor is developed to integrate into the ActiveSense platform and keep PMPs a step ahead of pests.

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Hi my name is Ben Schreiber. I’m the category lead for ActiveSense and that is Corteva’s electronic remote monitoring system for pests.

We’re here today at PestWorld because we’ve recently released our AIR1 sensor and this is a sensor that we have developed from the ground up to integrate into our ActiveSense platform.

So with this sensor and with our platform, we have a true, robust monitoring system that really helps keeps PMPs a step ahead. It keeps them a step ahead of what their client’s needs are, it keeps them a step ahead of pests and it even helps them keep a step ahead of the competition as things continue to develop in this industry. What we’re really excited about with the AIR1 sensor, is the two different modes of action it has. We have an active infrared, and what that does is that will actually help distinguish true pest activity instead of just being a motion sensor. Also, we have an accelerometer that can be activated so therefore that will go based off of movement, so will work well on snap traps, wildlife traps.

As we continue to work on ActiveSense, we’re going to be broadening not only the type of sensors and the types of integration that we can do, but we are also going to be expanding the amount of data that we can provide to our customers and our clients and really revolutionizing the way that pest management is done. But most exciting I think of all of this is, it’s the true remote monitoring aspect here, where no matter where you are, or when, you will get those real-time results of what’s happening, when it’s happening and get it remotely, so you can spend more time doing productive work and less time being reactive.

Hi everyone my name is Blair Brookes, and I am with Corteva Agriscience, and represent the ActiveSense system here on the west coast. Now, we’re here at PestWorld today and we are so excited to have our AIR1 sensor commercially available to the market.

Now, we’re involved in the electronic monitoring space and this base has received a lot of attention over the years. There’s been, you know, trade magazine articles, other manufacturers have been getting involved in the space, and everyone is talking about it, but it’s it’s not always clear where exactly the technology is at.

What I’m excited to share with you today is that the release of the AIR1 sensor means that we can continue the iterative process with our customers out in the field. I’ll give you an example, we worked with our first generation of equipment and it was a much more simple sensor and we have really overhauled the system in many ways since that time. But what we learned from that equipment, is that we were learning things about rodents and about selling electronic monitoring to customers that we had no idea about because we didn’t have our hands on it.

With the AIR1 sensor, we have additional functionality, extra sensing capabilities and we are so excited to continue that iterative process as we work together with our customers to bring the next generation of technology to the market.

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