Massey Services donates to local Orlando organization


February 7, 2020


Massey Services donated $25,000 to Opportunity Community Ability (OCA) of Orlando, Fla.

OCA is a Central Florida nonprofit organization dedicated to enabling individuals and families with autism and other disabilities the opportunity to maximize their abilities through functional, behavioral, social, recreational and vocational programs.

The donation from Orlando, Fla.-based Massey Services will help bring back arts programs at the special needs organization.

The money will be used to reinstate the organization’s weekly dance and music therapy classes, along with covering the costs for the spring and summer theater week. It will also help support the productions at the Running Man Theatre and the musical theatre troupe.

Part of the donation will be used to create a scholarship program, which will offer financial aid to families who wish to participate in the summer theater week but cannot afford to do so.

“We’re proud to support OCA and their dedication for providing experiences for individuals with special needs,” said Tony Massey, president of Massey Services. “We have always believed in supporting organizations that focus on arts and culture, education, human and health services and community service. We’re excited that this partnership will bring back OCA’s programs so they can once again teach arts in our community.”

Massey Services also sponsors Autism Speaks in Orlando and Tampa, Fla., Atlanta, Ga., Charlotte, N.C., and Dallas and Austin, Texas. The company has been sponsoring Autism Speaks for 12 years.

Chairman Harvey Massey, a PMP Hall of Famer (Class of 2008) has long been an advocate of giving back to his community, both personally and through Massey Services.

Over the years, Massey, who has been in the industry for more than five decades, has served in numerous capacities for various organizations, including as Chair of the Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs Task Force, Vice Chairman of the Expressway Authority, Chairman of the United Arts, Chairman of the Rollins College Center of Advanced Entrepreneurship Program and on the Board of Directors of Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation, to name a few.


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