Pest Posse Academy now approved in Nevada


February 10, 2020



Pest Posse Academy, a training solution for small- to medium-sized pest control companies and individual pest management professionals, is now an approved continuing education provider in Nevada.

This makes five states that Pest Posse Academy is approved in, along with several courses for continuing education credits, including California, Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Several courses are approved for continuing education credits, and more courses are added every day, say Foster Brusca and Culley Christensen, co-owners of The Pest Posse.

“Getting states to approve the Pest Posse Academy online training program is becoming easy. It appears that a few states are more welcome to the idea and really appreciate the continuous training platform that we have to offer,” Brusca said.

Pest Posse Academy provides an online video-based training through a monthly subscription. The program delivers regular weekly training on topics such as safety, pest identification, reading pesticide labels and specific application techniques. The Pest Posse is working on gaining several more state approvals, some of which are expected within 6-12 months.

“Our goal is to get continuing education credits for all states; however, this is not the main goal of the Pest Posse Academy,” Brusca said when the first four states were approved. “The main goal is to not just provide continuing education credits but to provide a regular ongoing plug-and-play training platform for the small- to medium-sized pest control companies. Ongoing training is vital to the pest control industry, and these companies don’t have the same resources to develop and maintain an ongoing training program as the bigger companies do. We really want to raise the level of training in the pest control industry and give everyone in the industry a level playing field when it comes to training.”


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