PestPro Thermal Systems: The Bed Bug Beast


March 6, 2020



To solve the problem of bed bug crews not having enough power to run electric heat equipment, PestPro Thermal Systems and RealPower have teamed up to introduce The Bed Bug Beast. “The Beast” uses the engine under the hood of your F-Series or Class 7/8 truck to power an alternator connected to the undercarriage. The alternator then powers up to 18 10kW PestPro Thermal Systems heaters, which is 180,000 Watts putting out 614,160 BTUs of dry, electric heat. This coverage footprint enables you to treat multiple units simultaneously, up to 7,200 square feet total, or smaller units in compressed timeframes allowing you to do two jobs or more per day. Treat units up to 29 floors high. No trailer, no generator maintenance — no-brainer. Check out a demo video here.

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