Orkin launches new sanitization service offering


March 26, 2020



Atlanta, Ga.-based Orkin, a subsidiary of Rollins Inc., has launched VitalClean, a new sanitization service offering to help businesses suppress a variety of pathogens.

As businesses grapple with the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, concern over virus transmission is rising. VitalClean is an option for reducing risk and helping restore safe and healthy business environment.

Pest control is one of the few designated essential services, and Orkin says it’s committed to protecting and ensuring the safety of its customers.

Currently, no service or product has received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for killing the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) because it’s too new. However, Orkin’s VitalClean service uses an EPA-registered disinfectant labeled for use against a wide variety of pathogens, including other known coronaviruses (specifically feline coronavirus and canine coronavirus) and the influenza strains that caused two other global outbreaks – swine flu and avian flu. When applied at full strength in accordance with the product label by trained Orkin technicians, this powerful disinfectant will kill 100 percent of bacteria and viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces.


Judy Black, BCE

“The disinfectant product we use is incredibly effective against other coronaviruses, has almost no toxicity and has been approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for fast-track review by the EPA for specific use against the SARS-CoV-2 virus,” said Judy Black, VP of quality assurance and technical services for Rollins Inc., and a member of PMP‘s Editorial Advisory Board and a 2019 PMP Hall of Famer.

Beyond its sanitizing and disinfecting strength, the disinfectant Orkin uses for VitalClean treatments is rated by the EPA as Toxicity Category IV, their lowest toxicity rating, defined as “practically non-toxic and not an irritant,” contains no ozone-harming volatile organic compounds and is mild on skin, hard surfaces and fabrics.

“We have been using this product for years to sanitize commercial facilities after pest cleanouts,” Black said. “Now we are pleased that it can serve a broader public health purpose as well.”

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