EnviroPest holds 2020 Day of Service


April 24, 2020


Photos include Billy Gray, Kris Briggs, Jo Chen and Marcos Mendez. PHOTO: ENVIROPEST

EnviroPest donates time, services and funds to worthy causes throughout the year. But for one day a year, since 2016, President Kevin Lemasters, ACE, closes the office specifically for the entire team to go out into the community and serve one of the non-profit associations with which he Loveland, Colo.-based firm is affiliated.

“This year proved to be challenging, considering the limitations on the number of people in one place at a time,” admits Lemasters.

But the team got creative and persevered. Working with three different agencies, on April 22, EnviroPest coordinated pick-up and drop-off opportunities to get essential items like food, diapers — and a perhaps less-essential-but-still-important-to-the-recipient couch — to those in need. The team followed protocol like wearing masks and social distancing, to protect themselves and others.

EnviroPest’s mission statement is “We exist to serve,” and Lemasters notes that the annual Day of Service is a great reminder of that.

“During this challenging time, it was important to continue to find ways to serve the communities in which we do business,” he says. “And with business a little slower than usual, we are utilizing staff to assist with other needs in the community to bring value to others.”

As Lemasters noted on a previous Day of Service outing, “our goal is to select local non-profits that we may already donate services to or financially support as a company. Our community partnerships are a valuable part of our culture.”

Family-owned and -operated in northern Colorado since 1965, EnviroPest offers residential and commercial pest control services, as well as bed bug removal; mosquito and tick control; termite control; and wildlife removal, including raccoons, squirrels, bats, rats, birds and mice.


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