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April 25, 2020



Actions we took at the Pest Management Professional (PMP) Growth Summit last month seem so unusual now: Catching up in person with colleagues and friends, making new acquaintances, shaking hands, breaking bread together. But we’re grateful to have hosted such a great group; the lessons and insights gleaned from all the participants will be shared in the year to come.

For example, one thing I realized during the PMP Growth Summit roundtables was that many pest control firms are using internet messaging programs such as Slack to stay in touch with employees, in groups and individually, both on phones and computers. This practice was in place before any work-from-home measures were implemented anywhere due to the coronavirus pandemic; it’s simply a good idea to be able to exchange information with others remotely 24/7 without waiting for the formality of an email or having to be present for a phone call.

Like you, we look forward to getting “back to normal” as soon as we can. We’ll continue to update our coronavirus pandemic coverage on, and welcome your input, including tips and ideas for your fellow pest management professionals that will help them continue to have thriving businesses and healthy employees.

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