ConidioTec: Aprehend 6-pack


May 3, 2020



Bed bugs are a growing concern for property owners, public housing directors, and hospitality professionals in all sectors. As opportunistic hitchhikers, they are easily carried on bags and clothing. In fact, it’s impossible for any facility that welcomes the public to prevent the introduction of bed bugs. Their ability to hide in minute cracks and crevices make early detection extremely difficult, even by the most meticulous housekeepers. Therefore, a 6-pack of Aprehend is an ideal tool for these multi-unit properties implementing a proactive service. The long-lasting residual action of Aprehend remains active for up to three months, and ensures that any bed bugs introduced will pick up the spores and die before establishing an infestation. A quarterly proactive contract provides property managers with peace of mind, and costs less in the long run than attempting reactive treatments once bed bugs have become firmly established in a property.

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