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May 15, 2020

Versacor Total Quality Manager Ryan Gates performs the disinfection service at an office account. PHOTO: VERSACOR ENTERPRISES

Versacor Total Quality Manager Ryan Gates performs the disinfection service at an office account. PHOTO: VERSACOR ENTERPRISES

Based in Southlake, Texas — and with offices throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas — Versacor Enterprises knew the time was right to research, develop and then offer a disinfection service to customers.

Its service consists of “dispersing a fine mist of disinfectant across hard, non-porous surfaces within a facility, focusing on high-touch areas like door handles, desks, and shared surfaces,” Versacor Total Quality Manager Ryan Gates tells Pest Management Professional (PMP). “The disinfectant that we are using is labeled for use in a wide variety of facilities, allowing us to extend this offering to our whole client base.”

Versacor President Jason Eicher admits that, like many colleagues who want to offer a disinfecting service are experiencing, his insurance provider was initially reluctant to get on board. “But after providing them with our safety, operational, marketing and financial strategies, they understood that we are providing an important public safety measure in the midst of this international crisis,” he tells PMP. “They felt comfortable knowing how we are well positioned to provide this new service in a safe and professional fashion.”

Gates tells PMP that training was conducted with all service personnel via webinar. “Service management was given an in-depth lesson on the product being used and its application methods, so that they could provide further hands-on training with service specialists in the field,” he adds. “It was important that all service personnel were properly trained on how to perform this service effectively, rather than a specific team, in order to extend the reach of this program to all customers, including those in remote areas.”

The business development team was also trained, Gates notes, so they could accurately portray the service to clients. And he notes that training will be ongoing: “Versacor is providing regular updates to all personnel to discuss changes to the program, and additional information that allows us to operate safely and communicate more effectively with clients regarding disinfectants and disinfecting services.”


Eicher advises colleagues looking to offer a disinfection service to do their homework — and don’t expect to implement it overnight, despite the temptation to respond to market demand as quickly as possible.

“Initially, we thought the addition of a disinfection service offering would be fairly straightforward and quickly implemented. But, like anything else, a lot of research, testing and evaluation went into it before moving into the training, marketing and sales phases of the rollout,” he tells PMP.  “A solid understanding of pathogens, particularly viruses, and dispersal equipment is very important in developing an effective and successful disinfection program.”

Gates agrees. “There are a lot of products on the market — and an equal amount of misinformation about them,” he quips. “Being able to research new products effectively and know what to look for has helped us adapt and position ourselves well when our clients are approached by competitors. I believe that we have a solid understanding of disinfection services in general, not just our own, which has allowed us to really effectively implement this program in such a dynamic environment.”

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