Nature-Cide All Purpose continues proving strong results for mosquito control


September 1, 2020

For years now, Nature-Cide products have been gaining popularity amongst pest control operators, due to the great deal of efficacy to back up its claims. As a multi-state registered pesticide, the company is continually asked to prove certain efficacy in order to register label claims in multiple states. Nature-Cide products have been tested by scientists and are constantly put to the test and challenged by field operators coast to coast. In late 2019, the company received the latest findings from a two-year third-party scientific report that was published. They knew the Nature-Cide products performed well on mosquitoes, but they were thrilled to read that Nature-Cide All Purpose concentrate was found to be the top-performing mosquito insecticide tested, at all mixture rates, regardless of its botanical status. The product line is now becoming a go-to for multiple pest control companies for its constant performance in the field. For more information, you can reach out to the company directly at or call 877-248-0488.

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