Forget a better mousetrap, build a more ornate bait station


September 2, 2020



Listen up, rodent bait station manufacturers: I have a challenge for you. OK, not really, but setting aside logistics, costs, regulations, etc., this would definitely be a fun project otherwise.

According to a recent arts and culture article in The National, a “tiny record store by Anonymouse pops up in Sweden.” The name of the store, naturally, is Ricotta Records. Posters in the tiny windows advertise Destiny’s Cheese, Minor Enemy, Taylor Swiss, Rats Against the Machine and Johnny Cashew. Don’t forget the perfectly rendered Meat Loaf sendup, “Meat Ball: Rat out of Hell Tour.” Copyright prevents me from showing you the images directly, so please click here for the full experience. Anonymouse also has a Facebook account here and a lively Instagram account here.

Anonymouse MMX is an anonymous Swedish artist collective that is known for covertly creating and displaying mouse-themed miniatures along the walls of public streets. The National reports that Anonymouse has been at this since 2016, and that past projects have included a French shop, an Italian restaurant, an amusement park, a secondhand store and a gas station. In July, they built the Cicada Pharmacy. The attention to detail is down to little things like movie posters advertising a horror film, “Night of the Were-Rat,” and outside the restaurant, a posted menu of cheese and crackers.

It’s not clear whether the buildings are hollow inside, able to house a trap or two, and able to withstand getting a lock and key for protection. In fact, some seem to be a facade on an existing part of  a building. But each are about the size of a typical station, and with some tinkering, could easily be made into something similar.

In fact, the only down side may be theft, as these are so darn cute. But think of the “holiday village” display opportunities! You could really deck the halls of your favorite warehouse…


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