Insects Limited: New Features on ForesightIPM Dashboard


September 24, 2020



Since the launch of the SightTrap, Insects Limited has worked closely with all parties involved to refine the device and software, ForesightIPM. The goal is to continually optimize the device, to equip partners with information that will free their time to provide a service that is centered around facility inspections and solving solutions, rather than simply counting insects in traps to identify the fact that there is a problem. ForesightIPM is the data center used to collect information from the SightTrap. Recent updates to the dashboard include: transferring traps from customer to customer with a clean sweep of the data; an improved graph to give users insights such as Insect Count, Battery Status, Lure Status, Placement, Environment (temperature and humidity), Trends, History and Images; and improved organization of the data summaries so users can see several different timeline trends. Even more features are coming soon, the company says.

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