Bayer unveils Barricor SP Early Order Program 2020


October 2, 2020

The Pest Management and Public Health business of Bayer, part of the company’s Environmental Science business unit, has announced an early order program taking place Oct. 1, 2020, through Nov. 30, 2020, for Barricor SP insecticide. During the program period, Bayer is offering a discount of 5 percent to pest management professionals (PMPs) who purchase five cases or more of Barricor SP on a single invoice. Additionally, Bayer is offering extended terms to all Barricor SP customers during the program period. PMPs can contact their local authorized Barricor agents for more details.

“With the ever-changing environment, Bayer continues to provide premium products to use in a variety of treatment situations,” Joern Kraegeloh, head of marketing for Pest Management & Public Health at Bayer, said in a news release. “As 2020 comes close to an end, we hope PMPs will use this chance to stock up on a product that will continue to showcase its value in PMPs’ arsenals, no matter what the rest of year will bring to the pest industry.”

With the ability to be used indoors or out, Barricor’s insecticide concentrate formulation was designed specifically for complex surfaces, like mulch, gravel and concrete, keeping customers protected between service treatments. The Barricor solid particle formulation technology enables the active ingredient, deltamethrin, to remain elevated on complex, porous surfaces, making it more bio-available to pests.

It’s available in a 32-ounce precise tip-and-pour package, and can service 128 homes at a similar cost per home to economy pyrethroid formulations, the company says. PMPs can leave the PPE in the truck because there’s no signal word or personal protective equipment requirement on the Barricor SP label.


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