Hospeco: EasyTask GrabBox Refillable Cleaning System


October 19, 2020



If finding a pre-moistened wipe with your preferred cleaning solution for your office is difficult, why not make your own? The EasyTask GrabBox Refillable Cleaning System (N-ETA100) gives you control over the supply chain. Each sturdy box is lined with a durable bag containing a perforated, center-feed roll of 275 high-quality wipes that can be filled with your disinfectant or cleaning solution of choice, saturating the wipes inside.  The resealable bag holds a half-gallon of liquid and keeps wipes moist. To help ensure safety and efficacy, there’s a blank chemical identification panel printed on each grab-and-go box to easily fill-in and identify the solution used to make the pre-moistened wipe.


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