Bug Off kicks off New York Pest Expo with BASF termite presentation


November 3, 2020


BASF’s Karen Boniface shows a video to New York Pest Expo presentation attendees Oct. 30 about termite inspections in crawlspaces. PHOTO: ANDY LINARES

Like many events because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 18th annual New York Pest Expo, presented by Bug Off Pest Control Center, had to rethink its logistics this year. But Founder and President Andy Linares was undaunted. Rather than a one-day November gathering of speakers and pest management professionals (PMPs), as had been tradition since 2003, Linares and his team have put together a sales event that goes on all month, as well as a series of technical presentations for continuing education units (CEUs) that stretches into March 2021.

Kicking off the presentation series on Friday, Oct. 30, was Karen Boniface, senior sales specialist with BASF Pest Control. With a limited amount of termite specialists in attendance, each safely socially distanced and wearing masks, Boniface presented a two-hour workshop on termite biology and behavior; the principles of inspections; and an overview of control methods.

“I discussed their behavior, cryptobiotic nature, foraging ranges, and the active and passive transfer that occurs among the colony,” Boniface tells Pest Management Professional (PMP). “In addition to how to look for and correct conducive conditions, such as wood-to-soil contact, I also talked about the advantages and disadvantages of both liquid termite treatments and bait treatments. I reviewed the liquid products available in the marketplace today, both repellent and non-repellent.”

Boniface says it’s important to know the differences among baiting options: monitoring or pre-baiting only adding active bait after evidence of termite activity vs. baiting with active ingredient at the time of station installation, including options for an annual inspection.

“We discussed the various options for PMPs to use baiting as a way to increase their revenue streams, while protecting customers’ most valuable asset: their homes,” she adds.

Boniface tells PMP she wrapped up the presentation by identifying the tools that “are necessary for bait installation, options for concrete surfaces, and proper placement of bait stations around the structures.”



“I also highlighted how PMPs could customize the treatments to fit the structure, and/or create their own programs to differentiate from their competition,” she says. There was enough time left for a question-and-answer session, and overall, Boniface says, the presentation was well-received.

The next in-person presentation takes place Nov. 18 with LiphaTech’s Barry Pitkoff going over rodent control basics. Space is limited; learn more and register for this and/or other New York Pest Expo events here.


With the theme “We Are Essential,” Bug Off’s month-long online New York Pest Expo event includes:

  • An Exhibitor Showcase with instructional videos by major manufacturers;
  • All-Star Testimonials with messages from notable figures;
  • Upcoming Events where applicators can register for live, in-person recertification programs in New York City; and
  • The Blowouts section, which breaks down the major promos, discounts and special offers available at Bug Off’s Online Store and Showroom.

Linares tells PMP that plans for an in-person New York Pest Expo for November 2021 are already underway.


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