Lytx: MV+AI capabilities


December 29, 2020



Lytx has added a number of new capabilities to its safety offerings featuring its proprietary machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI). They include such features asĀ  the “Inattentive” trigger, which detects when the driver’s attention may be unfocused or the driver may be experiencing a condition such as fatigue or drowsiness without the reliance on an accelerometer event; real-time, in-cab alerts for five different risky driving behaviors, including cell phone use, eating and drinking, smoking, no seatbelt, speeding, and inattentiveness; and behavior duration reporting, which tracks and quantifies both the duration and percentage of drive time a driver was engaged in a risky driving behavior, providing a more holistic view of persistent risk. With MV+AI, Lytx’s DriveCam Event Recorder product is also now able to detect patterns of distracted or unwanted driving behaviors inside the cab without recording video of the driver. A video explaining these new features can be seen here.


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