NPMA plans virtual format for Legislative Day 2021


December 30, 2020



The Fairfax, Va.-based National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has announced that for its Legislative Day event taking place March 16-17, 2021, it will set up two virtual Senate visits and one virtual House visit for each attendee. This setup, the NPMA notes, is currently being used by other groups.

“As always, we will provide focused messaging for all legislative issues,” the association explains on its event web page. “We simply cannot allow the COVID-19 closure of the Hill stop us from educating the new Congress about the essential nature of our industry.

“Remember as well, the No. 1 priority will be educating new members of Congress about our industry,” the NPMA states. “There will be many first-time representatives who have no idea how we protect public health, and if we don’t share that message on our Hill Day, they may only hear from anti-pesticide activists. We expect multiple bills that would remove preemption nationwide and institute arbitrary product bans, so we need you to help members of Congress understand how we protect public health and to push back against specific legislation.”

Event registration and programming information will be made available “soon,” the NPMA says. Check out Pest Management Professional’s extensive coverage of past NPMA Legislative Day events here.


Since 1933, the NPMA has represented the interests of its members and the structural pest control industry’s commitment to the protection of public health, food and property.

The NPMA has guided its more than 7,000 member companies and the pest control industry through the creation of verifiable training, the changing technologies used by the industry, and public and media relations.


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