Rentokil launches Protect+ System for bed bug accounts


January 4, 2021



The Protect+ System, a new service offering from Reading, Pa.-based Rentokil, uses a “proprietary mix of targeted service protocols, precise applications and specialized, environmentally responsible products to eliminate bed bugs and provide ongoing protection,” according to a news release. Backed by a warranty, the service also offers a four-hour post-treatment turnaround time.

“Bed bugs cause disturbances across various industries, such as education, healthcare and hospitality,” Rentokil President and CEO John Myers said in the news release. “We developed the Protect+ System to be a smarter, faster way to protect people as well as preserve a business’ reputation. We want to get businesses back up and running as quickly as possible, reducing disruption and revenue loss as well as providing peace of mind that the bed bug issue is resolved.”

As the news release explains, “once the Rentokil response team is alerted to a potential outbreak, the bed bug specialists will tackle the issue by physically removing any visible bed bugs, making residual control applications to harborages and activity zones, and ensuring ongoing protection for any remaining pests in hiding. The combination of products, which are environmentally responsible, offers the ability to combat bed bug resistance, which will reduce the chance of future bed bug problems. It will also ensure bed bugs carry the product to their harborage, transferring it to their bed bug populations and extending future protection.”

Rentokil offers Protect+ Essential, Extended and Premium packages, with each option including same day or 24-hour treatment response; treatment to all units with activity; and a warranty ranging from 30 days to unlimited inspections and retreatments. Learn more at


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