Results from PMP’s 2021 Purchasing Survey


January 28, 2021



According to Pest Management Professional’s Purchasing Preferences survey, 93 percent of pest management professionals (PMPs) report they will pay more for control solutions that are fast-acting and long-lasting.

Nine out of 10 PMPs report they buy pest control chemicals year-round. When it comes to purchasing pest control chemicals, they say it’s most important that the formulations save them time, followed closely by the solutions being both fast-acting and long-lasting.


Ninety-two percent of PMPs report it’s important the products they purchase have their effectiveness confirmed by other pest management pros. Nearly nine in 10 PMPs also say it’s important the products they purchase have their effectiveness confirmed by independent, third-party research.

Nine in 10 PMPs expect the merging of pest control companies, manufacturers, formulators and distributors to continue its brisk pace — although the pandemic in 2020 did change a few plans in that regard.

PMPs’ Top 10 criteria for selecting distribution partners are as follows:

  1. Knowledge of pest control solutions
  2. Knowledge of pest control techniques
  3. Courteous, professional service
  4. Knowledge of industry manufacturers
  5. Pest identification (biology and behavior) knowledge
  6. Fast delivery
  7. Convenient locations, and easy online ordering
  8. Low prices
  9. Volume discounts and flexible terms
  10. Free training

When asked how a distributor can win most or all of their business, three PMPs answered:

  • “My No. 1 distributor always answers the phone, and always has time for me.”
  • “One distributor won all of my business simply because they consistently do what they say they
    will do.”
  • “Our family business has partnered with one distributor for three generations — because the distributor has never let us down on advice or delivery.”

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