Bird-X names new president


February 8, 2021

Jeff Spencer

Jeff Spencer

Elmhurst, Ill.-based Bird-X, has named Jeff Spencer as the company’s new president. The announcement comes after Dennis Tilles retired from his leadership role as president for the past 12 years.

“The last 12 years of my career have been the most rewarding as I have had the pleasure of leading an incredible group of dedicated people committed to improving the health and safety of the general public,” Tilles said in a news release. “I will remain on the board of Bird-X to help the company maintain the position as one of the industry leaders in humane bird and animal control.”

The company spent six months searching for the ideal candidate. Spencer has 28 years of professional experience as a key leader in the commercial and residential lighting industry, with strengths in management and engineering. He earned a master of business administration from DePaul University and a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois.

“My first two weeks have exceeded my expectations,” Spencer said. “While I’m new to the industries, and am just starting to talk to customers, it’s clear that the employees take great pride in the company and customers respond to that. I am very excited about the opportunity to lead a company like Bird-X, and carry on the tradition, leadership, integrity and ethics that have motivated several employees to stay for decades.”


Founded in 1964, Bird-X works closely with professional installers and pest management professionals on projects of all sizes. Product categories include bird exclusion netting and hardware, plastic and steel bird spike options, electric shock hardware and chargers, wire and post products, gels, liquids, taste aversions, visual scares, predator decoys, pigeon and sparrow traps and laser control units.

Bird-X even offers an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone designed specifically for bird control: The ProHawk UAV model combines a sonic bird repeller with the latest autonomous flight GPS technology and design.  Made in USA with professional-grade carbon fiber and featuring a patented design, the unit engages in fully autonomous flight once programmed to specifications. The unit will launch, patrol, and land on its own. Users can even set “waypoints” to customize patrol areas via GPS technology. The unit’s physical presence intimidates birds, and its sonic predator sounds add to the intimidation. Camera options are available.


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