Insects Limited: Bullet Lure


February 19, 2021



The Bullet Lure from Insects Limited has an exclusive design with several features that enhance functionality and performance. The reservoirs can hold a high volume of pheromone for a multitude of insects, combined into a single lure. Insects Limited’s use of high quality, laboratory-synthesized pheromones translates into higher capture rates of insects in traps, the company says. The Bullet Lure contains color-coded acetate spheres that provide a large surface area for the pheromone to diffuse within the reservoir. The spheres supply the mechanism for higher quantities of pheromone to be released by that lure into the trapping area. The different-colored spheres also make it easy to know for which insect species each lure has been specifically designed. The aluminum cap at the top of Bullet Lure incorporates a scientifically designed material matrix that provides a steady release of pheromone at the desired rate, over the long life of the lure.

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