Mark your calendar for Bed Bug Awareness Week 2021


March 1, 2021

Bed Bug Awareness Week. LOGO: PPMA/NPMA


Bed Bug Awareness Week, taking place this year June 6-12, is the time for pest management professionals (PMPs) to educate their customers about bed bug infestations.

The annual education campaign is promoted by the Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), which serves as the public outreach arm of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

During the week-long campaign, the PPMA will be educating the public through various media relations and social media tactics on the signs of a bed bug infestation and the importance of working with a licensed PMP.

“While many Americans are opting to take vacations within driving distance of their home this year, the risk of bed bug encounters remains just as high as ever, if not more so,” Cindy Mannes, executive director of the PPMA, said in a news release. “Bed bugs can survive for several months without a blood meal and could be hungry if they have survived unnoticed after decreased travel amid the pandemic, making it imperative for the industry to ensure Americans understand bed bug infestations should be treated by a professional.”

PPMA encourages PMPs and industry members to join the cause by launching media relations campaigns, including devoting their company social media pages to bed bugs throughout the week and using the hashtag #BedBugWeek on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

“Bed bugs are not a DIY pest, so it is important for pest control companies to join us in spreading awareness,” Mannes said.

The toolkit is available for download on, an exclusive digital marketing hub containing hundreds of custom, professionally designed marketing materials and assets pest control companies can use to promote their businesses. The Bed Bug Awareness Week kit contains a customizable press release, suggested social media content, Bed Bug Awareness Week logos, high resolution photography, media training documents and a list of video content that can be directly embedded on a company’s website.

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