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Control Solutions Inc.: Precision Delivery System

|  March 2, 2021


Introduced in 2019 by CSI, the Precision Delivery System (PDS) is a revolutionary new system to apply dry flowable formulations. PDS is currently used to apply a dry flowable cockroach bait and a dry flowable termiticide. The PDS creates an advantage for pest management professionals (PMPs) because it allows one-handed applications, giving them the ability to safely move up and down ladders or reach into tight places. The included metal and plastic straws permit PMPs more and better options for placing dry flowable formulations deep into cracks and crevices. Furthermore, the PDS holster allows a way to store PDS not only as you move up and down the ladder, but as you reposition the ladder. It also adds a perception of professionalism by not having to set PDS down as you move from location to location to apply treatments.

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