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April 12, 2021



For years, Pest Management Professional (PMP) magazine has done monthly online polls as a way to get interesting tidbits and tips from readers. Some have even turned into story ideas! One thing is for certain: Our staff is never disappointed when we open the response pages.

The first quarter of 2021 has been no exception. Keep in mind that we also post the same question to our columnists and PMP Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) members each month in print, to get their responses. The answers that don’t fit on the “Question of the Month” page for the print edition are always included in the online version. For example, what follow are some of our most recent polls, with a link to the contributor/EAB responses and with a few of our favorite reader responses, too:

January: What is your most unconventional budget expenditure?

  • PMP Contributor/EAB responses
  • “Freight surcharges.”
  • “We provide access to a private doctor on call 24/7 for staff and their families.”
  •  “We spend hundreds of dollars a year on sugar to feed the honey bees we remove throughout the year.”

February: What’s the most unusual employee benefit or perk you’ve implemented at your company?

  • PMP Contributor/EAB responses
  • “Mobile phone discounts.”
  • “A new kitchen for breaks!”
  • “A weekend getaway with the family if goals are obtained.”
  • “Winter pay rather than seasonal layoff.”

March: What’s your favorite flea and tick inspection tip?

  • PMP Contributor/EAB responses
  • “Wear white boot covers for fleas, or white coveralls with footies and hood for ticks, and do a walk-through. Material for boot covers and coveralls must not have a slick coating on exterior, otherwise you would need to reverse them. You need the movement and light-color material for best attraction.”
  • “Use sticky traps.”
  • “Monitor so you can identify the proper species.”

Our April poll is now open “Reader poll: Challenges of mosquito control.” Come join the fun and share!


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Heather Gooch is the editor-in-chief for PMP magazine. She can be reached at or 330-321-9754.

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