Summit Partner Spotlight: ConidioTec



June 1, 2021

Photo: ConidioTec

Photo: ConidioTec

ConidioTec is a technology start-up company with a revolutionary product, Aprehend, a fungal bio-pesticide for the control and prevention of bed bugs. Aprehend is formulated and sold to pest management professionals via direct sales and registered chemical distributors.

Aprehend’s non-toxic mode of action offers a single, long-lasting application, sprayed as barriers in areas where bed bugs walk. When bed bugs cross the barrier, the spores stick to the body of the bug and are taken back to the harborage where they are spread among the bed bug population.

Bed bugs that come into contact with the fungal spores will become infected and die within 4-7 days. In this way, Aprehend targets bed bugs both in and outside of their harborages in a single application. The spray maintains effective control for up to 3 months and can be used to eliminate and prevent the establishment of bed bug populations in single family homes, apartment complexes, assisted living, hotels, and commercial spaces.


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