Bird control tips for new construction projects


June 14, 2021


A bird exclusion strategy should be part of building construction plans from the start. IMAGE: AYMAN-ALAKHRAS/ISTOCK / GETTY IMAGES PLUS/GETTY IMAGES

For most new construction projects that contain bird control, the project will include a specification code for Division 10 Specialties. Either 10 290 bird control or (CSI Format) 10 81 13 bird control devices. The Division 10 code will consist of a specification section that will describe the bird control product and acceptable manufacturers.

In addition, the new construction project will also contain project plans that will include different sections in the blueprints that will typically show what bird control is specified in the plans. For example, most bird control will be noted when looking at the structural plans, elevations or overall reflective roof plan. It is essential to review all the keynotes within that plan reference.

Depending on the computer software program utilized to review the plans, you need to ensure accurate measurements when determining the total square footage (bird netting) or total linear footage (bird spikes, bird wire, shock track, or related bird deterrent products) before you prepare your bird control quote.

When determining the total square footage for bird netting, you will typically look at the reflective ceiling plan, and you will multiply the length times the width to get the total square footage of the area that bird netting will be required. Important keynote, if reviewing military hangers, sometimes vertical netting may be necessary for the side walls.

When evaluating bird spikes or similar products installed on parapet/knee walls, you will need to determine the total linear footage required. Keynote, it is crucial to decide on the width of these ledges/parapets areas to determine how many rows of the selected product may be necessary based upon what the plans are requiring. You should always review the manufactures recommendations for the appropriate spacing of bird spikes, bird wire, shock track and related deterrent ledge products.

Once you have determined your total square or linear footage takeoffs, it is always advisable to check with the general contractor estimating the project to compare your numbers in terms of the total footage required for the project. Before you submit a quote, you must check what product is being specified because your pricing from one bird control manufacture may be at one rate. Still, other products may differ significantly in cost, which can substantially impact your quote.


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