Automotive Fleet ranks Terminix on Top 50 Green Fleets list


October 12, 2021


Terminix Global Holdings was recently named one of the most eco-friendly companies for its commitment to green vehicles.

Automotive Fleet magazine named Terminix the fourth-best company in the United States for green vehicles on the Top 50 Green Fleets list, which is its annual ranking of the largest fleets in the country.

“Terminix is honored to be recognized on this prestigious list alongside other organizations that are working to minimize their impact on the environment,” said Jim Summerville, senior vice president of Supply Chain Management at Terminix. “Terminix remains committed to our environmental responsibility and adopting eco-friendly business practices. As leaders in the global pest management industry, we are doing our part to protect the environment, in addition to the families, businesses and communities we serve.”

Terminix operates a U.S. fleet of more than 11,000 vehicles, including 6,604 green vehicles, for its service and sales professionals to go to homes and businesses in neighborhoods across the U.S. The company’s acclaimed fleet, which is largely flex-fuel vehicles, also includes 405 hybrid and 15 bio-diesel vehicles.

In 2021, Terminix converted 3.7 percent of its fleet ot hybrid vehicles and plans to convert about 8 percent of its fleets to hybrid vehicles by the end of 2022.

“At Terminix, we are very conscious of the responsible use of natural resources, including fossil fuels,” said Kate Tooley, director of Fleet Management at Terminix.

Tooley, who also recently won Automotive Fleet’s ‘2021 Fleet Visionary’ award, added: “By using eco-friendly vehicles, we can shrink our carbon footprint significantly. Limiting our greenhouse emissions not only helps our environmental sustainability efforts, but it also streamlines our operations by reducing operations costs.”



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