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October 22, 2021

We asked 10 industry suppliers to share information on the rodent control products they’ve developed for pest management professionals (PMPs). Read on for their insights and announcements. We also want to know about the rodent control methods you’re using, and what you hope to add in the near future. Drop us a line at


Anna Berry, BCE, Technical Director


Deluxe Rodent Station PHOTO: PELSIS

RECENT INNOVATIONS: B&G offers several bait stations designed to accommodate nearly any rodent management program:

  • Our Standard Rodent Station and Rodent Café are durable solutions in high-traffic areas.
  • With domed lids designed to accommodate snap traps, in addition to rodenticide or monitoring blocks, the Fast Catch and Deluxe Rodent Stations are designed to meet the evolving needs of those accounts with less reliance on rodenticides.
  • Our Mouse Station features a high-capacity bait chamber, and our SX One Rat Box is ideal for areas that require a high level of water resistance.

PREDICTIONS: We are seeing a shift toward preventive measures, such as exclusion and monitoring, particularly from our commercial customers. The industry also is trending toward data-driven decisions, safer pest management and more efficient technicians — within all of which data-collecting monitoring devices have an important role to play.


Sylvia Kenmuir, BCE, Technical Service Representative

Selontra Rodent Bait

Selontra Rodent Bait IMAGE: BASF

RECENT INNOVATIONS: Changing your pesticide’s mode of action is critical when your target pest can build resistance. One way to avoid rodent resistance is to change the mode of action. Understanding what to expect when you make such a change is important to evaluate your program’s success. It may not be easy; change is sometimes hard for both the technician and the customer because it requires time to allow the new program to work.

For PMPs making a change to Selontra Rodent Bait, the Selontra Switch Technical Bulletin is a useful, step-by-step strategy that explains how to make the switch and what to expect in the weeks after the change. Selontra Rodent Bait features cholecalciferol’s stop-feed action, which allows for shorter baiting cycles and requires less bait to kill populations.

PREDICTIONS: Regulatory pressure will continue to grow nationwide with more proposed regulations relating to second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs). As we all watch (and some of us work through) California’s AB 1788 SGAR moratorium this year, the pressure is being felt across the country to evaluate and modify rodent control programs. Understanding and using different modes of actions will not only help you be flexible if you need to change active ingredients, it also could improve programs, if you are dealing with resistant populations of rodents.


Patrick Lynch, ACE, Senior VP of Sales

The iQ product line


RECENT INNOVATIONS: Bell Laboratories offers a full line of rodent control products, comprised of 25 exclusive formulas, nine different bait forms and six different active ingredients. There are versatile bait stations for every account, including secured rat bait station options, as well as multiple-sized rat and mouse bait stations with unique problem-solving characteristics. A full line of multiple-catch, snap, and glue traps compliment Bell’s rodenticide and bait station offering.

Our newest division, Bell Sensing Technologies, has developed and launched a full line of rodent monitoring devices. These devices, which are part of the iQ product line, communicate utilizing Bluetooth technology, and feature rodent monitoring solutions for both baiting and trapping.

Due to Bell’s singular focus on rodent control solutions, we are continually looking to provide PMPs the best tools. iQ products have been successful at helping PMPs streamline their rodent control service efficiently, while capturing previously unknown information about rodents. Our expansion of Bell’s iQ product line meets the PMP’s desire to use rodent technology, no matter which rodent control product they want to choose. Bell is looking forward to launching additional, new iQ products at PestWorld.

PREDICTIONS: As we’ve seen the past five years, the importance of rodent management is amplified due to enlarging populations, as well as damage and disease spread by these clever pests. In addition, the challenges provided by increased regulatory scrutiny will lead Bell and our PMP partners to search for and develop creative solutions.

The prevalence of rodent monitoring technology will continue to expand. This increased use of technology will result in more knowledge-based, and ultimately, better rodent control service conducted by PMPs. The service will become even more rewarding, higher quality and safer. Five years from now, we predict that PMPs who adapt to using rodent monitoring technology will see their businesses grow faster and with more satisfied employees.


Chris Ernst, Brand Strategy Director

The Predator Mouse Snap Trap

The Predator Mouse Snap Trap IMAGE: CATCHMASTER

RECENT INNOVATIONS: Our newest tool for rodent management is The Predator Mouse Snap Trap (607P). This trap distinguishes itself from others in its class because it has a metal-on-metal trigger setup. The all-metal approach is designed to increase durability in the field. As with the rest of our easy-set line, The Predator sets up and services quickly, reducing valuable time spent in the field. Mouse removal is simple and no-touch.

The Predator is a component of what we’re calling Catchmaster’s Full Rodent Arsenal. For more than 65 years, we’ve been working with PMPs to help catch rodents via snap traps, glue trays, multiple-catch traps, live catch traps and more. We even offer the vital “extras” that PMPs find themselves reaching for while on rodent jobs, such as Hercules Putty and Trap Guards.
In the pipeline for rodent management, we have several color variations to our popular glue board line, along with product improvements to our mechanical traps. Our tools are consistently refined and improved with feedback from the field.

PREDICTIONS: We envision that integrated pest management will continue to be a guiding light for rodent management over the next five years, with manufacturers continuing to generate news with new products that support this holistic approach.


Ed Van Istendal, Territory Manager

Rodenthor Bait Stations

Rodenthor Bait Stations IMAGE: ENSYSTEX

RECENT INNOVATIONS: Utilizing Rodenthor Bait Stations on the exterior of a structure allows you to place a “safe harbor” in the path of rats, mice and even voles — “prey” species that appreciate the shadows and actual harborages to protect them from predators. Once the rodent has found the harborage, it is a mere step or two away from discovering the bait within.

Rodenthor Bait Stations may be glued or screwed to a block, staked to the ground, or zip-tied to a post or pole. They include enough metal posts to allow several bait configurations within the box. The proprietary key is a simple push device that is not thwarted by mulch or dirt.

Inside each station, our Rodenthor Block and Rodenthor Soft Bait start with food-grade grains and additives that provide excellent palatability. Keeping the lid tightly affixed to the original container keeps out rain, odors and other factors that may make the bait less palatable.

Bait spoilage from slug, cricket or ant activity can be controlled by placing a tablespoon of our Borathor Scatter Bait on the floor of the station. They will find it more palatable than the bait blocks or soft bait. Interior infestations, meanwhile, may be “cleaned up” with the judicious use of our Rodenthor Rat Traps or Rodenthor Mouse Traps.

PREDICTIONS: In residential and non-food manufacturing settings, an increase in calls for rodent control has been experienced through a dual phenomenon: More people working from home, or waiting for businesses to reopen for in-person employee attendance, and witnessing rodent and other pest issues that are new to them. That is coupled with business buildings that had been idle, but are now being utilized again. A similar situation has occurred in shopping malls: fewer paying tenants, less money to spend on pest control issues, so rodent populations start to expand. These obviously are ongoing problems that will occupy us for years to come.


Jenna DePaull, Marketing Manager

SureKill Command

SureKill Command IMAGE: NEOGEN

RECENT INNOVATIONS: SureKill Command contains the active ingredient bromadiolone, a single-feed, second-generation anticoagulant that provides quick, effective control after a lethal dose is consumed. Command was designed to mimic naturally occurring food sources, including grains and seeds, while combined with other food grade-quality ingredients. This powerful combination creates an irresistible formulation for effective control in most environments. Whether for maintenance or cleanout, Command consistently provides PMPs with the tools to get even the toughest rodent infestations under control.
And while Command is a great standalone bait, rotational baiting with different actives, formulations, and presentations is a great way to reduce bait aversion. The SureKill line also includes:

  • Command Place Packs, which offer the same great advantages as the block form but in convenient, pre-measured pellet packs. They are ideal for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Guardian Blocks contain the first-generation anticoagulant diphacinone, and provide great value for everyday control of rats, mice and other non-commensal rodents. Multiple-feed qualities reduce concerns of bait shyness, making it an easy choice when used in a rotation program or as a maintenance bait.
  • Rounding out the SureKill line is Assault, a single-feed bromethalin formulation that requires less bait to be consumed. Assault Blocks are an ideal solution in situations that require non-anticoagulant baits or quick knockdown within large populations.

PREDICTIONS: Rodents are some of the most adaptable, successful mammals around. As more resources are dedicated to advancing rodent control, manufacturers will continue to develop products with stewardship in mind. In the next few years, this could mean more targeted applications, more efficient monitoring, and new active ingredients with less risk for non-targets.


Andrej Branc, Americas Business Manager



RECENT INNOVATIONS: PelGar offers several rodent control options:

  • RodentStop non-toxic exclusion compound is applied with a caulking gun to permanently fill cracks and gaps up to 4 square inches. The metal fibers inside the compound stop rodents from gnawing through, and can be applied to a variety of materials.
  • Brigand baits are based on the active ingredient bromadiolone, effective against both rats and mice. These high-quality baits have been trusted by PMPs for more than 10 years in the U.S. The wax blocks (Brigand WB) are “hot cast” with culinary-grade ingredients and hot wax to provide a bait that withstands wet and humid environments very well.
  • Monark is based on the active ingredient difenacoum, which features a low LD50. This makes it suitable for residential accounts where children and pets are around, and in environments where there may be non-target wildlife nearby.
  • Both Brigand SB and Monark SB soft baits are made with lard and the same culinary-grade grains to provide a high-energy bait. They’re ideal for overcoming food competition, and are especially useful in mating season.

PREDICTIONS: PMPs are ideally positioned to provide exclusion services alongside baiting, and we expect to see them expand such services in the coming years, especially in the residential sector. Our RodentStop exclusion compound has become an excellent tool for this work, and its “green” credentials make it a popular product. Once rodent-proofing has been carried out, baiting becomes even more effective. The increasing provision of proofing work will not only lengthen contracts and boost the financial income for PMPs, but also improve the wider public understanding of rodent control and its vital place within environmental sustainability.


Nicole Williams, Chief Strategy Officer



RECENT INNOVATIONS: ContraPest is the first and only contraceptive for rats that is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. That’s right: Rat birth control. ContraPest affects the fertility of both male and female rats. With this non-lethal, environmentally responsible method, rats can “get it on” without the population getting out of control.

ContraPest can seamlessly fit into any integrated pest management program so that even the most difficult rat infestations can be controlled. The product is formulated as a sweet, fatty “milkshake” that rats keep coming back for, and it’s designed specifically for Norway and roof rats (Rattus norvegicus and R. rattus). At press time, ContraPest is registered for general use in 48 states, excluding Connecticut, New York and Washington, D.C.

At SenesTech, we’re not just dedicated to our customers, but to the environment. Our goal is to free cities, farms, fields and households from rampant rat reproduction using non-lethal, proactive methods that are also easy on the environment. We seek to reduce waste and energy in our manufacturing processes.

PREDICTIONS: On a company level, we’ve been listening to our customers and watching what’s going on within the pest control industry to develop products that best meet their needs. With our rapid growth in the pest management industry, we see a lot of opportunity across many different verticals and industries to expand into new tools, technologies and product innovations.


Gregg Schumaker, Director of Business and Product Development

Metex RatTape


RECENT INNOVATIONS: Metex RatTape incorporates a dense, stainless steel mesh core sandwiched between two layers of butyl tape. Non-toxic, sticky, flexible and virtually impenetrable, it covers gaps, cracks, holes and utility entry points, and adheres to most building materials. At 50 millimeters wide and available in 1 or 5 meters, it can be painted to match its surroundings.

Another effective exclusion product is PrevenChew Stainless Steel Mesh. It comes in 4- and 8-inch widths; each roll is 25 feet long. Its tubular flat mesh design can be used doubled or rolled. PrevenChew is stainless steel, so it won’t rust, but it will hold up in harsh environments.

Xcluder is another tool to prevent rodent entry. Made from a blend of coarse stainless steel and poly fibers, it creates an impenetrable barrier against rodents. It can be used around utility penetrations, gaps, cracks and crevices. Xcluder also is available integrated into door sweep and loading dock exclusion formats.
Finally, Copper Mesh is a tubular rodent-proofing product that has been proven successful in keeping out rodents. Laid flat, it is approximately 6 inches wide and is rolled for easy use and storage. It is available in 100- and 400-foot rolls.

PREDICTIONS: The marketplace is moving toward a focus on exclusion, and the Wildlife Control Supplies team strives to be at the forefront of this movement. We predict that “whole-home exclusion service” will become increasingly popular, focusing on weep holes, utility entry points and siding gaps as common ground-level access points. Because most rodents are excellent climbers, be sure to properly seal not only at ground level, but along the roofline as well. Ridge, gable, and soffit returns often are used by all animals, including rodents. All potential entry points larger than a quarter-inch should be sealed with products rodents cannot chew through.


Ashley Brown, Senior Director, Commercial Business

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RECENT INNOVATIONS: Woodstream offers several essential products for rodent control, including Victor wood snap traps, the original TinCat Multi-Catch mouse trap, and Victor Hold-Fast Pro glue boards. In addition to traditional traps, Woodstream launched the VLINK Pest Network of remote monitoring devices in 2020. The flagship product, a dual entry, multi-kill, humane and waterproof trap, has been well received by PMPs and their customers.

We have a robust pipeline of products that will be available to the professional pest control market in the coming months and years. The next available product from Woodstream is a redesigned Victor Power-Kill mouse and rat snap trap, launching during the first quarter of 2022. We also took this same enhanced design and added connectivity to offer the Power-Kill PRO on the VLINK Pest Network. We have more than 100 VLINK snap traps in the field right now, and will have product available for all before the end of the year.

PREDICTIONS: A digital transformation is happening in our industry, and PMPs will continue to have many new and innovative products from which to choose. Once our industry fully leverages the value-added service, data transparency and reporting capabilities possible with rodent monitoring systems, we believe the demand for these types of networks will grow exponentially.

The key to incorporating any new technology into a business model is making sure you are taking a strategic and open-minded approach on how to develop a profitable and customer-centric service model. Working closely with some of our industry veteran PMP partners, the VLINK team has developed a rodent monitoring service model that increases the bottom-line profits for PMPs, allows for world-class service, and fits any business model for customers large and small.

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