Rockwell Labs: InVade Power Dose


November 16, 2021



As Rockwell’s newest addition to its line of bio-sanitation products and equipment, the InVade Power Dose is a programmable, battery-operated dispenser injection system that delivers a metered dose of concentrated microbial solution to drain lines. The continuous dosing of the drain line (approximately every 14 minutes, 24/7) maximizes the effectiveness of the microbes. Microbes are activated as soon as they come in contact with any food particles or other organic debris. The Power Dose injection system’s design helps reduce drain line blockages and grease buildup inside drain pipes, as well as helping eliminate foul drain odors. Each easy-to-replace Power Dose cartridge features a full 30-day dosing supply of premium microbial solution that actually digests organic matter, including grease, carbohydrates, proteins, cellulose, and urea. Power Dose uses no harsh chemicals, emits no harsh fumes, and will not harm septic systems or municipal water treatment operations. It is suitable for green service programs.

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