Evolve YT sessions at PestWorld 2021


November 19, 2021


Evolve YT CEO Phil Cooper speaks at PestWorld 2021. PHOTO: EVOLVE YT

Evolve YT CEO Phil Cooper drew over 100 pest management professionals (PMPs) to his Bridging Generations session at the National Pest Management Association‘s PestWorld 2021 event.

Billed as one of PestWorld’s “Thought Leader” sessions, Cooper addressed generational differences, , how to find and hire quality talent based on generations, how to adapt marketing efforts and how to improve employee satisfactory scores by having managers address their teams based on their generational preferences.

“There’s a talent war brewing with companies fighting to attract and retain the best talent, yet we can’t seem to keep them,” he said. “Something needs to be addressed in the way we search and keep our talent, and one way is by addressing generational differences. What does a Millennial want in a position? How do we take a core value and make it ‘speak’ to different generations in different ways?  It’s more than just the compensation and benefits that drives people to stay at your company.”

He also presented four PMPs with free registration to the upcoming Bridging Generations course.

“PestWorld is about growing, and we wanted to provide PMPs with the chance to grow personally and professionally, by giving away free registrations during the ‘Bridging Generations’ presentation,” Evolve YT Chief Operations Officer Robert DiJoseph said.

DiJoseph said in a news release that Cooper selected two winners from each of the two-part Thought Leader sessions and allowing the winners a chance to enroll in one of the upcoming courses.

The four winners were Lynn Sutton of American Pest Control Inc., Drew Denton of Anchor Pest Control, Darrell Lee of Future Services Inc., and Ryan Thorstenson of Interstate Pest Management.


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