PestWorld 2021: Reconnecting and looking forward


November 23, 2021

Gokhan Vergon

Gokhan Vergon, head of pest management and public health at Bayer, speaks at 2021 PestWorld. PHOTO: BAYER

Pest management is a people business, so after nearly two years of mostly virtual interactions, it was energizing to reconnect in-person at this year’s PestWorld. This event is essential to our industry. Thanks to the National Pest Management Association’s hard work, we were once again able to visit with friends and colleagues, learn from one another and discuss how we will continue to move the industry forward.

While it’s always sad when this inspiring event comes to a close for the year, I love talking about it with my Bayer Pest Management and Public Health colleagues on the trip home. We discuss everything we learned, the friends we saw and how we can continue to help our customers succeed. As we all settle in for the holiday season, I want to share a few important themes from these conversations that will be valuable to remember in the year ahead:

1. We achieve our best when we work together.

At Bayer Pest Management and Public Health, our top priority is helping pest management professionals (PMPs) achieve the highest level of success so we can all protect the places where people live, work and play. This is truly meaningful work. Our team was thrilled to connect with so many dedicated PMPs on each day of the event; we listened to their challenges and talked about solutions. It was inspiring to see so much collaboration in solving the industry’s toughest challenges. PestWorld reminded us that we need one another to succeed, and that we’re all stronger when we work together.

2. Despite continued challenges, our industry adapts.

These past few years were some of toughest ever for PMPs. As always, though, we adapted. At PestWorld, our team was moved to hear everything PMPs did to meet customers’ needs, concerns and preferences. From contact-free service visits to enhanced safety protocols, PMPs showed incredible care and compassion for customers. The spirit of adapting to help customers is ingrained in all of us, and it will serve our industry well into the future.

3. Our best days are ahead of us.

PMPs do meaningful work every day. We protect people from disease and business from disruption, so economies, societies and supply chains can continue without worry or interruption. We provide safe spaces for life’s moments to happen. We’ve endured, adapted, learned and grown.

As we look forward, our industry is well-positioned to not only grow, but to innovate and to thrive as we meet the ever-changing needs of consumers and businesses. You may have heard that our Environmental Science business, including pest management, is separating from Bayer. We don’t have details just yet, but we can promise that while our name may change, our commitment to lead and serve this industry is as strong as ever. Anchored by the people and portfolio of products you’ve come to depend on, we will continue to fight tirelessly to protect and advance the places where people live, work and play.

I greatly appreciated spending time with you at PestWorld, and I cannot wait to see you again throughout the coming months and at PestWorld 2022.


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Gokhan Vergon is Head of Pest Management and Public Health for Bayer.

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    “Pest management is very important as it protects people from disease and businesses from disruption. A great thanks to the national pest management association for their hard work scheduling all pest management activities as mentioned in the above article.

    The above article tells about the importance of pest control to protect the places where people live. Keep sharing this useful information with us.”