Viking Pest Control launches food drive for New Jersey food bank


November 30, 2021

Viking Pest Control

Viking Pest Control recently launched a food drive to collect grocery donations for the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. PHOTOL VIKING PEST CONTROL

Viking Pest Control, an Anticimex company, hosted a food drive to collect grocery donations for the Community Food Bank of New Jersey (CFBNJ).

As part of Viking Pest Control’s ongoing community involvement, the initiative ensured local families in need had food to put on the table for Thanksgiving.

CFBNJ acts as a distribution center, providing food to a number of pantries, soup kitchens and shelters across the state. The food bank helps to fight poverty and hunger, not only by providing food, but also by helping families in need find long-term solutions from their problems. The food bank also focuses on eliminating food waste efficiently. These are some of the factors that influenced Viking Pest Control’s choice when looking for deserving cause to help this holiday season.

Last week, Viking Pest Control staff members delivered four vehicles filled with 35 15-lb. turkeys, together with canned food, potatoes, stuffing gravy mixes, macaroni and cheese, rice and other dry goods to the CFBNJ in Hillside, N.J.

“After the food was weighed on arrival at CFBNJ, we are delighted to report that Viking Pest Control had donated 1,500 pounds of canned goods and 525 pounds of frozen turkeys,” said Eric Gunner, business development manager at Viking Pest Control. “As one of the staff members involved in this endeavor, it was gratifying to witness so many of our Viking family members pitching in; they made this donation possible and we are extremely grateful for the generosity of all who contributed.”

Viking Pest Control has a proud history of giving back to the communities they service and is delighted to have been able to organize this food drive and ensure families are able to enjoy satisfying and nutritious meals this Thanksgiving.


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