Neogen: SureKill Aerosol Line


December 28, 2021



The new year brings a new look! The SureKill family of aerosols, including Flusher, CT-511, and Total Release Aerosol, have a fresh new can design. While you can still expect these products to deliver the same great results, these new can styles boast a sleek and modern look that fits well in your hand. SureKill Flusher, a patented, nonflammable, dry fog aerosol, has been a long-trusted favorite of many pest management professionals (PMPs), as it offers peace of mind around ignition sources. CT-511, a dual-synergized pyrethrum formula, is an ideal choice for indoor applications, including restaurants and homes. Total Release Aerosol combines fast flushing, quick knockdown, and residual control. In addition, LD-44T rounds out the lineup as a dual-synergist metered aerosol — ideal for flying insects in commercial facilities and beyond.

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