Rockwell Labs: Redesigned InVict Gold Syringe


January 26, 2022



All 35-gram InVict Gold syringes now include a built-in precision application tip with a snap-on cap that’s quick and easy to use. The built-in precision applicator tip is long and slender, for fitting into tight cracks and crevices, but without the hassle of screw-on tips that can be easy to lose. The syringe with the built-in tip is ready to go when needed, and the snap-on cap prevents any bait left in the tip from drying out when stored. InVict Gold Cockroach Gel is formulated with an exclusive blend of multiple food attractants and 2.15 percent imidacloprid, providing lightning-fast control. With its outstanding palatability, it can control both “normal” and “bait-averse” cockroach populations. It’s an ideal choice for cleanouts, as well as rotation with other cockroach baits like InVict AB Gel Bait.

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