Dirty Jobs’ Rowe faces scorpions, iguanas in reboot


February 2, 2022



Mike Rowe returns to reboot Discovery’s reality hit Dirty Jobs, which originally aired from 2005 to 2013.

With more than 170 episodes and the 2020 reunion series Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip, Rowe was sent to apprentice with skilled laborers. According to TV Insider, the difficult part of this reboot is finding new jobs that he hasn’t done.

Rowe felt it was the right time to start the show again because the COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight on essential workers.

“I started getting literally thousands of people on Facebook and social media straight up asking me to bring the show back,” Rowe told TV Insider.

Rowe also uses the show to share information mkeroweWORKS, a foundation that promotes careers in the skilled trades and provides scholarships.

The return of the show allows Rowe to take on the jobs he’s been dreaming about since the show’s first run.

In the season premiere, Rowe joins the hard workers responsible for building America’s infrastructure. Throughout the six new episodes, Rowe will also work as a water tower cleaner, escalator maintainer, combat surgeon, or epoxy installer.

More important to our industry, this season Rowe also lends a hand to those on the frontlines protecting the nation from invading, glowing scorpions and destructive iguanas.

This won’t be the first time Rowe has connected with the pest control industry. Reaching back all the way to 2009, he worked with  Billy Bretherton, better known these days as “Billy the Exterminator,” on a pest control inspection.

In his own show Billy the Exterminator, Bretherton has taken on the biggest pests and wild animals, educating TV viewers along the way.

The newest season of Dirty Jobs is airing now on Discovery. Check your local listings.


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