WorkWave 2022 ‘Beyond Service’ User Conference


February 11, 2022


With a theme of “Beyond Service,” WorkWave’s user conference took place Jan. 9-12 with more than 700 attendees. PHOTO: WORKWAVE

Starting the year off with a sunny, action-packed bang in Orlando, Fla., WorkWave hosted its biggest user conference to-date Jan. 9-12.

During his welcome keynote speech, WorkWave CEO David Giannetto emphasized the essential role WorkWave plays in helping its customers go beyond service and reach their full potential. He also highlighted WorkWave’s vision for the future.

“The more time that you can get your organization focused on providing excellent service, the better off your company will be. The more energy and resources you can funnel into that, the better your company will be. The better job you can do at making that recurrent, the more valuable your company will be,” Giannetto told attendees. “So that is where your focus mostly is. Everything else around that supports it, enables it, or allows you to do it efficiently and effectively feels a little bit like a distraction. And that’s where your partners come in. And that’s where WorkWave comes in. WorkWave is completely focused on being a partner that can support your entire business.”

Joining the entire family of WorkWave solutions for the first time, the combined event reflects the consolidation of market-leading field service software solutions WorkWave, Real Green, Coalmarch, Slingshot, Lawnbot, and most recently, TEAM Software, under the WorkWave brand.

Through the Beyond Service event app, attendees were able to organize their conference schedules, reach out to brand representatives via the chat feature, and schedule “Meet the Product Experts” one-on-one meetings to discuss individual products. Many attendees reported finding great value in both hearing from product experts and from one another on best practices during the breakout sessions. Session topics ranged from maximizing the customer payment experience, to not underestimating the power of women in field service, to the power of digital marketing.


Joe Theismann, left, lets WorkWave CEO David Giannetto try on one of his two Super Bowl rings. PHOTO: WORKWAVE

After a football finals game-watching party the night of Jan. 10, the morning of Jan. 11 kicked off with an inspirational speech from National Football League (NFL) legend Joe Theismann. In his keynote address, the Hall of Famer related anecdotes from his days as a professional athlete that transcended football and applied to all relationships, professional and personal.

More in-depth learning and networking followed the keynote, with the night culminating in an awards ceremony where sponsors were recognized and customers were celebrated. Winners included:

  • Truly Nolen, Rose Pest Solutions, and Got Bugs? were among the recipients of WorkWave’s Legends Award, which honors long-standing, loyal customers.
  • Rentokil and HTP Termite & Pest Control were among those recognized with the Growth MVP Award.
  • Platinum Pest Solutions and Petti Pest Control were among those recognized with the Rookie of the Year Award — WorkWave’s newest customers who have felt a valuable impact from its solutions.
  • Matt Appel of Blue Sky Pest Control; Kelly Porter of Blue Beetle Pest Control; and Aaron Workman of Greenleaf Pest Control were among those recognized with a Quarterback Award for excelling in internal management of WorkWave’s solutions and achieving operational success.

An after-party gave attendees another chance to kick back and connect with WorkWave leaders and industry peers while indulging in great food, dancing to the DJ, and relaxing outdoors. The conference concluded on Jan. 12, with additional breakout sessions and networking opportunities.

“WorkWave has a long legacy behind us, one that has been full of building valuable partnerships, deep relationships, and market-leading software,” said Giannetto. “This week, together with our amazing customers, employees and partners, we have been able to come together to build on this legacy by taking a look forward into what the future will hold for us, learning, growing and starting to understand the value in partnering with a company that empowers you to succeed beyond service — and the future is bright.”


Leaders and customers across WorkWave PestPac and ServMan, Real Green, Coalmarch, and Slingshot came from all over the country to connect with one another, gain deep-dive insight into WorkWave’s family of solutions, and hear from expert speakers and thought leaders. PHOTO: WORKWAVE



Monday night concluded with a tailgate party that held nothing back: From referee bartenders to a live drumline halftime show, attendees were able to relax and enjoy one another’s company while watching the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football national championship game. PHOTO: WORKWAVE



A panel discussion was moderated by WorkWave CEO David Giannetto (pictured far left) and comprised of, from left, Joe Kucik, co-founder of Real Green; Tim Robinson, COO of WorkWave; Donnie Shelton, CEO of Coalmarch; John Leiferman, CEO of Team Software; and Taylor Olson, co-founder of Slingshot. The panelists shared their individual experiences on joining WorkWave and what they envision for the future of WorkWave’s family of customers. PHOTO: WORKWAVE



The conference’s awards ceremony celebrated the achievements of many customers. PHOTO: WORKWAVE

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