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February 25, 2022

Pest management professionals (PMPs) spend a lot of their time behind a windshield, so it makes sense that their vehicles’ front seats also become depositories for paperwork, meals and more.

Several PMPs love their “mobile offices,” and were happy to share their thoughts and photos with us. Here are just a few of their photos and tips, with more online. Join the conversation at


Dennis Guinan is the outside sales manager for Green Pest Solutions, West Chester, Pa. “This guy fits my water jug, cooler, file folder, tablet, gloves, booties, agreements, pens, screwdriver and then some. It sits in the passenger seat and comes with a strap, but I also seat belt it in to keep my truck from beeping!” PHOTO: DENNIS GUINAN



Bobbie Terry, owner of Austin, Texas-based
The Bug Lady and founder of Women in Pest Control, received her mobile office desk for Christmas, “and I love it,” she says. She also keeps a filing box in the back seat. PHOTO: BOBBIE TERRY



“I have a file organizer for any papers I need to carry, and also keep extra paper clips, pens, etc., in the top,” says Lisa Smalley, a technician with Four Seasons Exterminating, Lakeview, Mich. Not pictured, but still vital, Smalley says, is “a handy little printer to make QR codes for all my bait boxes and monitors.” PHOTO: LISA SMALLEY



“I feel like I live, work and run my business in my truck at times,” admits Mary Tanner, VP of Holiday, Fla.-based Anthony Pest Control. She recently purchased a mobile printer so she can finish paperwork on-site. Note the protective pad on her laptop, “where my bracelet hits when I type.” PHOTO: MARY TANNER


Chris Wallace, route manager for Cleveland, Ohio-based Certified Pest Control, swears not only by his truck’s organizer (pictured), but also the trash can that hangs on the back of the seat: “It can still get a little cluttered, but these items help keep things organized.”



John Jackson, second-generation owner of Portland, Ore.-based Jackson Exterminators, notes he’s been using this setup for a decade. “It’s super-helpful, but not so much for a left-handed person. The tabletop holds my route binder and paperwork. That binder holds my cell phone and charges it as well. It keeps the phone out of the window.” The top deck opens and spans over the center console, and a padded top helps prevent items from sliding off. PHOTO: JOHN JACKSON

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  1. Fugler Allen says:

    Mobile offices certainly offer efficiencies in route optimization, customer communications, treatment file documentation and payment processing, but I implore owners and technicians to keep those duties separate and secondary to the total focus on safe driving. Technical and administrative duties should not be performed while driving.

    Driving safely is the top and only priority in transit!