Insects Limited: All Beetle Textile and Taxidermy Kit


March 1, 2022



The All Beetle Textile and Taxidermy Kit features Insect Limited’s signature pheromone hide beetle lures that use a blend of eight different pheromones mixed into a food attractant, to draw-in hide beetles over a three-month period. The kit also features Insect Limited’s signature pheromone Bullet Lures, which attract three separate species of clothes moth with a controlled release of pheromone over three months. Male clothes moths are attracted to the lure and are readily stuck in the glue of the trap for monitoring purposes. Combined with these two pheromone lures is a dermestid lure, a blend of a multitude of the favorite food sources for carpet beetle larvae and adults. All of these lures are paired with the All Beetle trap, which has a clear view lid for easy inspection, a sturdy polypropylene base, and a replaceable tray that snaps in from below. The clothes moth Bullet Lures are snapped into custom clips on the interior of the clear lid. The hide beetle lures and dermestid lures are placed near the center of the glue pads that fit into the replaceable snap-in trays. This low-profile trap slides easily beneath equipment and fits nicely into corners or along walls.

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