Go-Forth Pest Control opens new employee fitness center


March 15, 2022


Greensboro, N.C.-based Go-Forth Pest Control opened a new fitness center for employees.

The new gym is part of the company’s initiative to help its employees with their healthy new year’s resolutions and to provide awareness for healthy lifestyles.

Leah Hazelwood, vice president of Go-Forth Pest Control and chairperson of the Guildford Country Go Red for Women campaign, has strived to create a wellness community within the Go-Forth family. The initiatives at Go-Forth Pest Control include free nutritional snacks in break rooms, paid wellness reboot programs, mental health classes and now, an employee fitness center.

This fitness center is open to all employees of Go-Forth Pest Control. The employees are encouraged to work out whenever their availability is open within their workday.

Hazelwood has made it her priority to build a supportive space for health and wellness within the Go-Forth corporate location in addition to their eight locations throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

“We are committed to supporting the wellness of our employees,” Hazelwood said. “We want our team to be proud of working at a place that supports them professionally and personally and that includes healthy amenities. And we’re committed to providing resources for not only physical but also mental health.”

New innovative ideas such as the fitness center can have major effects on companies, with one being recruiting. Hazelwood said in a news release that the recruitment team at Go-Forth Pest Control has witnessed increases in potential hires having a motivation to join a workplace that supports their wellness.

“We have seen first-hand how providing a gym or other programs that support employee wellness, contribute to successful recruiting and retention,” Hazelwood said.


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