Insects Limited release Top 15 clothes moth cities in U.S.


March 15, 2022



Insects Limited released its annual list of the Top 15 clothes moth cities in the United States for 2021.

According to the news release, the top two cities for clothes moths remained unchanged. New York City and Boston, Mass., are still the two leading spots and have held these spots for five years straight, ever since the rankings began in 2017.

Overall, the Northeast Coast of the United States remains a stronghold for clothes moths with New York City, Boston and Philadelphia, Pa., in the top three spots, while Washington, D.C., is at No. 13.

In the Midwest, Cincinnati, Ohio, topped all cities even after dropping one spot to No. 4. Chicago, Ill., raised one spot to No. 6; Minneapolis, Minn., dropped one spot to No. 10; and Pittsburgh, Pa., was new to the list at No. 15.

Insects Limited

Insects Limited 2021 list of Top 15 clothes moth cities in the U.S.

The Southeast cities of Atlanta, Ga., (No. 8) and Orlando, Fla., (No. 11) continue to see moth issues arise.

In the Western U.S. Santa Fe, N.M., kept up the streak of New Mexico cities making the rankings during every year that the rankings have been done. Dallas stayed strong at No. 5, while Portland and Los Angeles made the top 10 at No. 7 and No. 9. Denver jumped back onto the list after a one year hiatus at No. 14. The cities that fell off the list this year include Phoenix, previously ranked No. 7, Providence, RI, previously ranked No. 12 and Austin, Texas, previously ranked No. 15.

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