Bird Barrier study reports on gel disk efficacy rate


March 23, 2022



Bird Barrier America has released the results of a four-year study by the University of Pisa in Italy regarding “organic multi-sensory technology disks” for bird control. Bird Barrier is the manufacturer of Optical Gel disks, which contains citronella, peppermint oil, agar and beeswax. The product is classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) and contains no pesticides. Birds see “fire” emanating from the disks; plus they dislike the citronella smell and the tackiness on their feet if they dare to land on a disk.

The study focused on the most common pest bird worldwide, the pigeon (Columba livia), whose roosting and nesting patterns are found to be the most problematic in commercial building structures. Pigeon nesting materials and droppings are known to carry disease and can be a public health risk. However, Optical Gel has also been successful in the field against starlings, barn swallows, woodpeckers, gulls and crows. Each disk can be secured to the roof or other problematic areas of an account using magnets, zip-ties, snap-in bases or glue.

The study found 100 percent efficacy with the product. A white paper and video on the results are available online at The study results, as well as success in hundreds of installations in the field across the United States, have led the Carson, Calif.-based manufacturer to now offer a two-year guarantee for Optical Gel when installed per the company’s instructions.

“We have seen no failures when the product is installed correctly, and we have university data to back our claims,” Bird Barrier America President Cameron Riddell noted in a news release. “This has truly become a game-changer in the pest and bird control industry.”



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