Edge Pest Control changes name to Saela


April 6, 2022


Orem, Utah-based Edge Pest Control announced it will change the company’s name to Saela.

The name change comes as the company looks toward the future to be more aligned with its mission and aspirations.

The decision to change the name is not the result of a sale, merger or change in ownership. According to a Saela news release, “it is a proactive choice born out of the desire to give the company a name that authentically portrays what it is and aspires to be.”

There will be no disruption in service, and customers will receive the same service that they have come to expect from the pest control company. Along with the new name, Saela also launched a new website and logo.

When Founder and CEO Andrew Richardson decided to rename the company, he searched for a name that would reflect what it had and would yet become. Richardson and his team chose the name “Saela,” an Old Norse word meaning “happiness.”

“The name ‘Edge’ doesn’t give us the runway we need to provide our customers and employees with the best experience possible. So, we’re changing it to something that does,” Richardson said. “We’re still us, simply better. We are doubling down on what we value most and will continue to prioritize those values as we change our name and continue evolving.”

About Saela

Founded in 2008, Saela was created out of CEO Andre Richardson’s desire to create a company he could use to make people’s lives happier. Saela does this by providing pest control opportunities to customers and development opportunities for employees. The company has locations in Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Washington.


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