PestSure promotes Distracted Driving Awareness Month


April 7, 2022



One in four vehicle crashes involve distracted driving, including texting or talking on the phone, eating, drinking and smoking, according to statistics by the National Safety Council (NSC).

The pest management industry sends thousands of technicians, inspectors and sale representatives out in service vehicles every day to service customers. With the risk for accidents with employees, companies should develop and follow protocols for safe driving practices.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which encourages people to stay focused behind to wheel to be a safe driver.

Distracted driving accidents claim roughly 3,500 lives annually – an average of eight each day.

PestSure, a company that offers driver safety training for pest management professionals, says that it is committed to assisting companies create a safe driving culture.

“Statistics show that drivers using hands-free or handheld devices can fail to see 50 percent of their surroundings, and that can lead to a higher probability of a distracted driving crash,” said Linda Midyett, vice president and loss control director for PestSure. “Creating a plan for and providing regular training on driving safety best practices is critical to keeping employees, customers and the public safe and reducing claims.”

Midyett shared the following five tips to reduce distracted driving accidents:

  1. Direct your attention to driving – nothing else.
  2. Stow and silence phones and electronic devices.
  3. Focus on positive driving behaviors.
  4. Prepare your vehicle settings before you depart.
  5. Give yourself enough time between appointments.

“We want to see employees safely return to their families each night,” added Midyett. “Becoming a more aware driver starts with having a plan and following that plan with consistent training and reinforcement.”


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