Pest-End launches rebranding initiative


April 25, 2022


The new branding for Pest-End includes new uniforms and vehicle design. PHOTO: PEST-END

Pest-End, a privately-owned pest control companies in New England, announced a company-wide rebranding initiative.

The new modernized identity illustrates a more progressive direction for the business as part of significant growth objectives over the next decade.

This rebrand marks another milestone in the company’s recent evolution as it continues to reinvent itself under the direction of second-generation owners Adam Carace, Courtney Carace and Amanda Forrestall.

With a goal of becoming the largest privately owned pest management company in New England by 2031, the three owners have wasted no time in planning and implementing changes across the company.

In 2021, the ownership trio, featured in Pest Management Professional magazine in September 2021, determined the need for a more dedicated focus on marketing, including the branch’s visual identity.

Courtney Carace, COO, is eager for the future of the company but is not losing sight of its past.

“Since taking over the reins in 2021, Adam, Amanda, and I have remained devoted to ensuring exceptional experiences for our team and customers. Though eternally grateful for the foundation Pest-End is built upon, we recognize that changes are needed to achieve our short and long-term objectives. Marketing and brand recognition were two areas we prioritized. Bringing our marketing in-house has proven successful, and our rebrand initiative is only the beginning of a multi-year strategy.”

The first significant and comprehensive rebrand since Pest-End’s inception in 1977 will touch all aspects of the company’s visual identity and the non-visual brand components such as the tone of voice and language. A decision to remove the word “exterminator” from the company’s name further enforces modernization initiatives.

Expectations among the company’s leadership team are running high for the rebrand to aid in more than just sales and revenue gains.

Amanda Forrestall, CFO, explains the uphill battle of shifting perceptions of the pest management industry and its impact on the already challenging hiring climate.

“The hiring climate in our industry has always had its challenges due to preconceived notions so many have. However, we have been fortunate to continue to grow our team organically, focusing on our core values and company culture. The new look of our brand helps to modernize our business and has already sparked an uptick in interest from potential candidates, not just customers.”

Adam Carace, CEO, realizes the significance of the company’s past with its corresponding success today.

“While the rebrand is significant to help us achieve our goals, we have never lost sight of our past and what has successfully brought our company to today. At its core, Pest-End remains a family-owned business with decades of guiding principles that provide us with a launching pad for our future. As a team, we knew that some changes were needed to help better establish Pest-End as a top-tier business offering quality services.”

The company will roll out its new branding in the coming weeks, including a newly launched website slated for late spring. The more topical items that have been refreshed include,


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